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They say not to put all eggs in one basket. In other words, diversify the portfolio! We give complete freedom to the user. Just distribute powers among any available cryptocurrencies. Our user-friendly interface will give you a clue how to do it

Investment options


Gold in the world of cryptocurrencies. Earn from the steadily growing rate of the most reliable digital currency in the world: bitcoin indicators outperform any other currency in the world! According to the most modest forecasts, we expect growth of at least several folds. Is this not the reason to choose exactly bitcoin mining?

  • Price: $3 593
  • Market cap: $62 879 923 407
  • Trade volume: $5 406 626 696


A new currency, which is so ambitious that people compare it with a new Internet. And the recent rapid growth from USD 13 to USD 1 249 is a clear proof of this. Experiments and drive – is this about you? Then do not miss your chance to become one of the pioneers of this unique technology. And, of course, earn from this well

  • Price: $117
  • Market cap: $12 229 262 317
  • Trade volume: $2 613 980 961


If Bitcoin is gold, then Litecoin is silver in the family of digital currencies. Today, LTC ranks fifth in the list of the world's most stable crypto-currencies. High transactions speed (the LTC developers were the first to accept SegWit) and the fact that this year the network promises to reduce the transaction fees, makes this digital currency very attractive for investors. The quick rise from $100 to $300 is also a good trend for Litecoin

  • Price: $31.96
  • Market cap: $1 922 903 547
  • Trade volume: $600 753 358


In the list of digital currencies, DASH (also known as Darkcoin and XCoin) has always occupied a very special place. Instant transactions and complete anonymity in the network makes this crypto currency as practical as possible for users, which, in our opinion, will only contribute to the growth of its price in the future. Today, however, DASH is already included in the top 10 world's popular crypto currencies

  • Price: $73.05
  • Market cap: $627 176 638
  • Trade volume: $160 887 136

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash always held a special place in the list of digital currencies. Instant transactions and complete anonymity online make this cryptocurrency as practical as possible for users, which, in our opinion, will only contribute to the growth of its price in the future. However, today Bitcoin Cash is included in the rating of popular world cryptocurrencies.

  • Price: $ 127,33
  • Market cap: $327 176 638
  • Trade volume: $60 887 136

US Dollar

Cryptocurrencies seem too unreliable? You are frightened by the uncertainty and sharp fluctuations of the exchanges? Then you will be pleased with our most traditional and stable dollar contribution. Almost the entire world economy is based on the US dollar, what can be more stable?

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